Recreation Connections Manitoba hosts webinars throughout the year which provide tools, resources and best practices for parks and recreation practitioners in Canada. We partner with many national and regional organizations to offer information on a variety of topics.

Managing Risks from Budgets Decimated by COVID-19

Tuesday, July 7, 2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

As parks and recreation departments try to wrestle with the challenges of shrinking budgets, it is vital that an understanding exists regarding to the impact these changes may have on the risks facing park users.

To meet these challenges, we have developed a program developed to assist parks and recreation departments in implementing strategies to improve park safety while decreasing costs to the department. Municipalities may also become designated as Smart Parks communities which will help reduce costs of risk and heighten awareness of park safety initiatives in the community.

We are very pleased to be able to partner with Doug Wyseman to offer training on this topic by way of a webinar on Tuesday, July 7th. All participants will be provided a unique training experience, as well as a PDF copy of our Smart Parks manual.

This session will provide information regarding:

  • recommendations on dealing with liabilities during COVID
  • requirements for updating policies
  • proper use of volunteers and ensuring protection
  • amendments to Facility Use Agreements
  • identifying available free sources of assistance
  • and more


With more than forty years of experience, Doug Wyseman has been recognized as an expert in risk management for parks and recreation. He presents Risk Management Schools for parks and recreation for provincial and state associations and has acted as an expert witness in numerous court cases across North America.

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6 Things to Know about Benchmarking for Recreation

Wednesday, June 24, 2020      12:00 - 1:00 PM CT

Why Invest in Benchmarking? Is it worth the time and effort? How can you use this information to make defendable, strategic decisions for your organization?

Please join us to discuss how benchmarking can help your organization be a part of a community of practice and how to navigate some of the common mistake’s organizations make when starting out.

Organizations who have benchmarked have experienced a great return on investment, by using their information to develop performance measures and KPI’s. Municipalities have also used the information as a communication tool to support operational decisions and counter unreasonable demands and suggestions of poor performance. Performance can be compared with industry medians, or directly with similar organizations so that realistic responses can be given.

We will also discuss how benchmarking can:

  • Identify, plan and improve your strategic goals and direction
  • Record your operational costs against a variety of criteria
  • Undertake financial performance reviews and cost estimating
  • Help to determine a sustainable level of service for your community
  • Lobby for additional resources
  • Identify trends, issues and prioritize areas for improvement


Troy Sykes has 23 years’ experience working in Parks municipal government. He has a background in Parks operations and capital planning, as well as extensive knowledge in strategic Asset Management planning, as well as Asset Management implementation. Troy has established his own consultancy firm which specializes in asset management training. He is currently involved in the Canadian Parks Benchmarking program.

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